Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino
Internatonal Festival Signs of the Night - Urbino
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17° Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino (3° Editione) - November 26-30, 2019

Tuesday - November 26th, 2019
4 pm

Cinema Ducale
Urbino, Italy


California on Fire
Jeff Frost
USA / 2018 / 00246:50

California on Fire utilizes time, sound, and the catastrophic effects of climate change as a backdrop to examine loss. Each of the film's five chapters are based on the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, sadness, and acceptance. To create California on Fire, artist Jeff Frost trained as a firefighter, gained full access to more than 70 wildfires, and shot over 350,000 photos from 2014 to 2019. It has been featured in PBS Newshour, TIME Magazine, National Geographic, and Artnet.


Dystopian Patterns
Isabelle Nouzha
Belgium, Lebanon / 2019 / 00:06:46


Something happened to that city. Could be Beirut.


The Last Well
Filip Filkovic
Croatia / 2018 / 0:20:00

The Year is 2037, Europe is in shambles. Owner of the last well with natural clean water lives in Croatia. After one of his sales of clean drinking water ends in bloodbath, he becomes a substitute father and a husband. But when the well dries out, he makes one last "trade"...


Behind The Cloud There Lives A Sun
Kumar Mayank
India / 2019 / 0:15:00


Waiting near the bus stop to take her son to a family gathering out of the town, a victim of domestic violence silently questions her way of life.



A Leaf
Bishara Shoukry
gypt / 2018 / 0:17:30

A hand of a young woman moves on the chest of a man, lying on his bed coughing, the hand rubs the chest with a liquid. An old woman’s hand pushes a goat’s skin milk bag, on which a child is swinging on it. From a bore in the belly of the bag, drips the milk on the old woman’s hand, and flows from the young one’s palm. In the morning, when the house gets empty, Salma opens her eyes to the sound of a playful child swinging on the door of her room. When Salma attempts to fathom her, the child flees. Salma follows, yet couldn’t catch… and when Salma tries to trace the child’s footprints, following the same road the child went through, Salma herself disappears, leaving only an image on a water surface, or a reflection on glass. And once the picture has restored life, and the belly gets enlarged with a life, the image leaves its place to another, and a life renounces its path to another… and a leaf falls, one of thousands that fall, daily, without being felt by anyone.