Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino
Internatonal Festival Signs of the Night - Urbino
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17° Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino (3° Editione) - November 26-30, 2019

Friday - November 28th, 2019

Sala Maniscalco
Urbino, Italy


Zulaa Urchuud
Mongolia / 2017 / 0:03:00

In the 1970s during the Socialist era in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolian urban mentality took shape. The originally nomadic Mongolians had to adapt to the urban livelihood and environment, wherein the special kind of urban mentality originated. This change from a nomadic way of life to the urbanized life still influences Mongolian people’s minds.


All that's Left
Hugo Salvaire
Belgium / 2019 / 0:24:30


Henri returns to see his family after a long absence to visit his mother admitted in a psychiatric clinic. Despite his anxieties, unconsciously transmitted by his mother, Henri decides to get her out of the hospital and take care of her ...


Transmitting and Receiving
Dee Hood
USA / 2019 / 0:03:40


There must be something beyond this physical world, Sometimes I can feel energy around me, or I hear a familiar frequency. I want to connect to the vibrations that lead to other worlds. Dee Hood ‘s experimental videos have shown in over 25 countries around the world. She has received numerous awards for art videos and her political videos have been featured in The Nation Magazine’s Opp- Art section. She is a Professor Emerita, Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota Florida where she taught a range of art courses including time based media. Hood received an M.F.A. in Visual Art from the University of South Florida, Tampa in 1990. She is also known for work in painting, sculpture and installation.


Father to Son
Vader op Zoon
Thomas Stokmans
Netherlands / 2018 / 0:07:00


In this musical debut film, there seems to be hardly any verbal communication between a father and his young son. But when dad plays his saxophone, the boy listens attentively. He gets a sip of dad’s coffee. A very small, intimate film with its heart in the right place.


Melpomeni Loukanidou
Greece / 2019 / 0:09:00


In 1998, Semira Adamu, a 20 year-old, so-called “illegal”, Nigerian immigrant on Belgian soil, was smothered to death by a police cushion as they attempted to evict her. 20 years later, in a combined female war cry, two women tell her story. Through their tales, they highlight the reality of detention centers intended for migrant people, the conditions of such imprisonment, the suffering of detainees, the abuse of guards and policemen.

Above us the Sky
Arthur Kleinjan
Netherlands / 2019 / 0:29:00


"Above Us Only Sky" is a layered visual and narrative allegory of individual and collective memory, as well as a contemporary form of personal mythology. A narrator leads the viewer into a magical-realist history that is bereft of fabrication. His story begins with an investigation into a plane crash in communist Czechoslovakia, which one woman survived after an unlikely fall from the air. This event becomes the point of entry to a dense web of seemingly unrelated events that appear to be deeply entangled. 'Above us only sky' questions the surreal logic of chance, repetition of events, and synchronicity. The film blurs the boundaries that separate us from the past through a present that shifts and fluctuates between reality, imagination and speculation. The expansion and breadth of human experience is intuitively constructed from temporal coincidence and chance occurrences connecting ancient, modern, and contemporary histories. Viewers become unsuspected witnesses to political defiance and reprisals where the past has informed the present and where natural, political and technological disasters, are followed by remarkable tales of survival.

Short Calf Muscle
Victoria Warmerdam
Netherlands / 2019 / 0:13:00

Short Calf Muscle is an absurdist black comedy about Anders. And Anders is different. But he doesn’t know that. Yes, he’s also gay, but that’s not the point here. There is also this thing that others see but he doesn’t..


Rahim Sadr
Iran / 2018 / 00:18:00


An old man who has lived alone in the mountains for many years, asks crickets for help to silence the annoying sounds of his past life so that he can attain mental quiet.