Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino
International Festival Signs of the Night - Urbino

5° Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino - March 30th - April 3rd, 2022

19th International Festival Signs of the Night- Italy


April 1st / 9 pm -
April 3rd / 9 pm, 2022

How I Beat Glue and Bronze

Kako sam pobedio lepak i bronzu
Vladimir Vulević
Serbia, Germany / 2020 / 0:30:00

The daily life of Mihajlo, a factory worker in a neglected industrial town. Testimonies about his life are given by the people around him. At times, these people are seen as part of Mihajlo’s daily routine, but after the character leaves the stage, their voices remain as the narrator. What they don’t know is that Mihajlo obsessively steals tools from the factory and suffers from lost love. And they can’t anticipate what is going to happen one morning.



A Broken Fan

Assaad Khoueiry
Lebanon / 2021 / 0:12:33

Adel, a desperate jobless father, gets out on the streets of Beirut hoping for a change.




Vikrant Sidhu
India / 2021 / 0:14:59

Punjab, a province in India, has witnessed conflicts throughout history. In Punjab a mainly agrarian-based economy shapes everything, from politics to society. The film tries to capture the ethos of this region through the eyes of an old man.



It Must

Es muss
Flavio Luca Marano, Issa Jumana
Switzerland / 2021 / 0:18:13

In a single humiliating day, Silvia is fired from her job despite being a few years away from retirement, a policeman fines her during a traffic check, and the director of the church choir takes away her solo part. During the Ave Maria rehearsal, Silvia decides to endure in an act of silent resistance.




Aslak Danbolt
Norway / 2021 / 15:00

It’s Christmas Eve, and Synnøve is searching for her drug-addicted daughter Michelle in an almost desolated city. (Synnøve and Michelle are mother and daughter in real life and play versions of themselves in a story that is very close to their own lives.)