Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino
International Festival Signs of the Night - Urbino

6° Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino - November 28th - December 4th, 2022

20th International Festival Signs of the Night - Italy

Sala del Maniscalco
Tuesday 29/11/2022
12 h


Ninosca - The Woman and the Emigrant's Song

Peter Törbiörnsson
Sweden / 2020 / 1:44:00

This is a film about a woman’s struggle for independence that requires her to face her past in the machismo culture of Central America. It is a single stand-alone documentary, and the third and concluding film in director Peter Torbiörnsson’s trilogy that started with The Lovers of San Fernando (2001) and was followed by The Last Chapter (2011). Peter has followed Ninosca during 40 years, through marriage and becoming a mother, the decision to leave Nicaragua and her family and move to Spain to be able to put food on the table and for her children to go to school – but also to escape her violent husband. Once in Spain, Ninosca is refused residence permit and she is unable to go back to Nicaragua. Her children are denied entry to Spain and they remain separated for more than seven years. Ninosca becomes one of Europe’s many undocumented immigrants. In the film we follow her intimately in her everyday struggle. Her dream is to return to Nicaragua, to reunite with her children, buy a piece of land and a small coffee plantation. She wants to return to her home village, revisit her brothers and relatives but at the same time she fears meeting her ex- husband, who has threatened to kill her if she ever comes back.