Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino
International Festival Signs of the Night - Urbino

6° Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino - November 28th - December 4th, 2022

20th International Festival Signs of the Night - Italy

Italian Short Film

Competition #2
Palazzo Ducale
Saturday Dec 3, 2022
14 h

Gita di famiglia
Francesco Della Ventura
Italy / 2021 / 0:19:01

Pietro takes his family out to lunch. They don’t imagine that the choice of the restaurant is not accidental. Olga, Pietro’s lover, with whom he hasn’t spoken in a month, works there. Pietro is willing to risk his whole life to make things right between the two of them.


Andrea Grasselli
Italy / 2021 / 0:30:44

The film connects the life of a hermit shepherd and the ritual of Zenerù, with which Alpine communities chase winter away, evoking the indissoluble link between the agro-pastoral world and cyclical time.


Gianluca Colitta
Italy / 2020 / 0:19:0 00

A woman steps out of the past: in this cemetery of memories, wounds, and corpses, she remains enclosed, imprisoned, as if in a clear serum; surrounded by an amniotic liquid that will maintain her for a long time to come.


Alessandro Di Maio
Italy / 2021 / 0:10:00

Bardo in tibetan means intermediate state, and indicates the condition of transition between two states. This film is a journey that reflects on the concepts of Life and Death, of Transition, of Life as a Dream, and of all the illusions that manifest in our lives. It is an invitation to connect with a deeper sense of understanding, found within the space between each sound and image. The audiovisual stream becomes a resonating bridge to the Unseen and Unheard, to a knowledge we know exists, but of which we are habitually unaware. There is an alternative way of experiencing this film, which is to watch it twice, first blindfolded, and then with eyes open. By removing the sense of sight the first time, much more attention is given to the sound stream. Stripped of their ability to "see" outwardly, the audience gains space to picture moments and memories according to their own sensibility.
This internal manifestation, this dance of light and color that occurs in the "mind’s eye" in reaction to the soundscapes, becomes a shadow-play of subconscious imagery, replacing "the real" imposed by the eye, by "the possible one" suggested by the ear. As such, the ear becomes the new "sensitive eye", one which is born out of the enhanced combination of external sounds and internally perceived light. The sound will break this light into rarefied shadows, and will introduce the listener to one of the main topics of the film: reality, as we know it, could be nothing but a dream.



Giada Bossi
France, Italy / 2021 / 0:18:00

In a small provincial village in the north, Nina, a shy and insecure young gymnast secretly adores Gio, another popular and casual girl from the village. When Gio realizes Nina's awe towards her, he decides to make her an adept, in an ambiguous and abusive game, disorienting Nina, who, subjugated, finds herself at the mercy of Gio's manipulations and whims, which will lead her to a point of no return, from which he will never be able to free himself, not even by changing his life and city.