Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino
International Festival Signs of the Night - Urbino

6° Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino - November 28th - December 4th, 2022

20th International Festival Signs of the Night - Italy


Sala Serpieri
Friday Dec 2, 2022
16 h


Permission to land
Martin Gerigk
Australia / 2022 / 0:03:10

War. Fragility. Instruction Abidance. Intuition. Digitalization. Dichotomous decision paths. What would we do if we were given the freedom to direct possibilities?



White Light
Manasak Khlongchainan
Thailand / 2021 / 0:09:30

A Spirit are searching the White light, It believe, there is a heaven place waiting. But it face an angel instead.


All Racists [You are]
Carles Pamies
Spain / 2021 / 0.03:04

In a human-insect analogy, the poem questions the reader about his or her intimate impressions of the 'other', and inquires into empathy and self-introspection about beliefs and our own basis of acculturation.


Kent Tate
Canada / 2022 / 0:03:25

The purpose of this or that, or its role in enabling a sense of security or status is ephemeral. As systems shift their emphasis, or as one system supplants an other, the meaning of something can be altered to such a degree that a new description may be required to understand its context.



Gibber Eidolon
Charles Chadwick
United States / 2021 / 0:17:20

"Gibber Eidolon" is an insubstantial image, whose speech is clouded to the point of incoherence. It is what we see when we visit a place where the dead are buried; the vision of murky histories. The graveyard and the mausoleum are liminal spaces, where every end is the beginning of a process. That process is the technological management of death. Through footage of outdated computer technology, punch cards and magnetic spools, Gibber Eidolon attempts to tie its super8 film footage of various centuries old graveyards into a dialogue of corporeal archival. The graveyard as archive. But like technology, a tombstone can lose its markers, the information of the deceased. Like an old disk whose format has long died.

Light Leak
Nate Dorr
United States / 2021 / 0:08:20

Light is information, a signal more lasting than recollection. If there’s anyone out tere to receive the message. Isolated in a sealed apartment, a lone observer regards an outside world outside become increasingly unreal or unreachable. Archaic illuminations, old slides and the pin-lights of the camera obscura, crawl across the walls. Connections fray. Time loses meaning. A science fictional essay film, or its inverse. A rumination on optics, memory, data, and endings.



The Iudgement
Alberto Baroni
Italy / 2021 / 0:11:00

To undersatand the sacred as a deity spread over the landscape it is required to listen, to get to the right place and perform all necessary actions: a voice will rise, it will have something to say and it will be impossible to counter it. Human beings are the anomaly and the consequences are unavoidable. In "Le lugement" Baroni relies on ancient Greece and its oracular traditions to touch the deepest fears of our time, fears about the end of the world as a disaster caused by our very own behaviours. Between the distant past and nowadays, nature still holds the power to connect us all in her silence, which is never complete, with the peremptoriness of its presence: this is where human beings - presented as four women from different generations - can try to find a new repositioning by witnessing those presences that elude our calculations.

Portrait of Omar at 23
Aman Wadhan
Hungary / 2020 / 0:10:55

Omar's journey from Syria to Hungary narrated as a blurry anecdote by the fire.


The Dark Forest
Martin Del Carpio
USA / 2021 / 0:09:23

To honor the memory of his father who passed away in 2019, Martin Del Carpio opts for the medium of film once again, and delivers his most lyrical work to date. At once deeply personal, carefully veiled in a delicate fabric of pure emotions, and absolutely immersive in its dreamlike, mysterious beauty, ‘The Dark Forest’ transmutes its author’s innermost life into an admirable piece of introspective cinema. Opening with Dante Alighieri’s quote which inspired the title, it takes the viewer on a short, yet transcendent journey through the bushes of symbols and trees of thoughts, in the company of a lovely (and cunning?) forest spirit embodied by Carly Erin O’Neil whose poise and grace translate as otherworldly. The enchanting imagery that we see on our way is the result of another tight-knit collaboration between writer / director Del Carpio and DoP / editor William Murray, whereby the dense atmosphere of meditative seclusion is complemented by Dan Shaked’s ruminative voice-over and M. Nomized’s haunting score which occasionally gives off some strong ‘classic Hollywood’ vibes...