22 h
Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino
International Festival Signs of the Night - Urbino

7° Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino - November 21th - 26th, 2023

21th International Festival Signs of the Night - Italy

Sale del Maniscalco
Sunday Nov 26, 2023
18 h

Red Ears

L'Oreille Rouge
Paul Drey
Senegal, Belgium, Germany / 2022 / 0:30:00

Documentary director Paul Drey introduces a personal narrative of his traumatic experience inSenegal as a voluntary aid worker after he had barely finished school. He went there full of good intentions hoping to be of help for a German NGO and later, in a local hospital.Unprepared for poverty and corruption his youthful illusions were shattered, especially when being confronted with the doubtful activities of fellow Europeans. When meeting senegalese friend Madeleine they reflect on his experiences 13 years ago. Drey Paul


When There Is No More Music to Write, and Other Roman Stories

Éric Baudelaire
France / 2022 / 0:59:00

Rome, years of lead. Aldo Moro is kidnapped in the fervour of the Red Brigades. The armed struggle is propelled towards a political dead end. Alvin Curran, the mythical figure of the musical avant-garde, strives to dissolve the figure of the author in the collective. The notion of instruments is extended to natural and everyday objects, producing revolutionary works.