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Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino
International Festival Signs of the Night - Urbino

8° Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino - Aprile 10-14, 2024

22th International Festival Signs of the Night - Italy



Sala del Maniscalco
Saturday April 13, 2024
23.55 h

Disruption: New Shorts by Iranian Women Filmmakers

This shorts programme introduces a curated selection of fictional films crafted by Iranian women, predominantly based within Iran. Set against the backdrop of Iran's deeply patriarchal society, these films serve as a much-needed disruption. At the heart of this programme, two interwoven themes emerge: the experiences of women and children. From the delicate and fragmented recollections of childhood memories to depictions of women within diverse power dynamics, this collection beckons viewers to engage with emotions often overlooked in the tapestry of everyday life. Through the lenses of these filmmakers, the inner workings of a system that fosters vulnerability in the lives of children and women are laid bare.

Curated by Pegah Pasalar, Sadaf Sadri and Cryptofictio


Nafiseh Zare
Iran / 2022 / 0:17:00

While at the zoo, Ranaa's mother reveals that her father has left them. As they stroll past empty animal cages, Ranaa reflects on the significance of absence.



Peivand Eghtesadi
Iran / 2021 / 0:10:00

8-year-old Pouya disappears until his aunt discovers him hiding under the bed, and she uncovers the reason why he has panicked.



Sepideh Berenji
Iran / 2020 / 0:14:00

A young girl and her family are forced to evacuate their home, but she may have found another way out.


The Region

Asma Ebrahimzadegan
Iran / 2021 / 0:23:00

A film is in production but the shoot is not going well. The lead actress is nervous and must fight for her creative freedom.


Second Day

Kiana Montajabi
Iran / 2021 / 0:15:00

A girl waits to be picked up from school but her mother never arrives.



Samaneh Yadollahi
Iran / 2022 / 0:15:00

In Iran, an elderly woman experiences hair loss. However, her husband forbids her from entering the kitchen, fearing her hair might fall into the food...