22 h
Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino
International Festival Signs of the Night - Urbino

8° Festival internazionale Segni della Notte - Urbino - Aprile 10-14, 2024

22th International Festival Signs of the Night - Italy

Sala del Maniscalco
WednesdayApril 10, 2024
20 h

With All Due Humanity

Kacper Checinsk
France / 2023 / 0: 23:38

In an employment office undergoing restructuring, Hélène, the deputy director, receives an alarming e-mail from a desperate unemployed woman. The woman threatens to kill herself on the premises of the agency. With the help of her team, Hélène tries to untangle the internal dysfunctions at the origin of the case in order to prevent the irreparable. Time is running out.




A Body Over the Sea

Gabriel Gabriel Zhiminaicela, Christian Paúl Espinoza
Ecuador / 2022 / 0: 19:37

At 25, Christian begins to remember the rape he suffered as a child, so he decides to go to see the sea for the first time. The trip is traversed by the ghosts of the past, an uncertain present and a painful letter that tries to reveal the presence of a rapist.



Volker Sclecht
Germany / 2023 / 0:15:00

Karen Lips is researcher and lives for several years in a tiny little shack in Costa Rica to observe frogs. When she leaves the cloud forest for a short time and returns, the frogs are gone. All of them. Karen sets out to find them – and encounters a horrible truth.




Monika Grzybowska
Poland / 2024 / 0:29:08

Mela - a young woman in a life crisis, deeply longing to return to her previous life where she had a home and everything seemed to work out for her. She meditates, sends out intentions, and firmly believes that a better version of the future is within reach.